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Toy Fox Terrier breed description

The toy fox terrier comes across as a quite bright dog breed. The dog thrives best when doing tasks that involve mental challenges.

Toy Fox Terriers sheds, but less than many other breeds. Easy grooming of the coat is one of several advantages of this breed.

The toy fox terrier dog should be a pleasure to to train with, but individual differences in the dog breed is expected. The breed are often focused in what it is doing, and easy to deal with. Although there are breeds that are characterized as even more energetic, this is still a breed that requires his daily walks. The breed appreciate exercise, but are not as demanding as many other breeds.

Some dogs can be a bit reserved and skeptical non-family members, but there exists considerable variation within the breed. Aggression between dogs vary more between individuals than between various dog breeds, but the tendency for dog aggression is perhaps somewhat higher in toy fox terrier. The breed is considered child friendly but generalization here can be adversely. No dogs should never leave small children alone with dogs, regardless of breed or size. Children-friendly dogs may be a myth more than anything else, all dogs are different! Although this type of breed can be gentle, one should never forget that they are animals after all. Puppies tend to play-bite, and this can increase lung adulthood if one ignores the problem.

They are more cautious to cold than many other breeds, and clothing in winter and autumn may be required. Like fun and games? It also makes these dogs! It has been mentioned that being home alone can be difficult with this breed, but can also be more individually contingent than breed dependent.

The dog's physical features: A toy fox terrier is a small dog breed, short coat, with a light body shape, standing ears, very short rised high tail, relatively short muzzle, and some would add: The world's cutest dog breed.

Health: The health for toy fox terriers varies and varies between individuals. Reported health issues observed are Skin diseases, hypothyroidism, eye problems, different illnesses in canines and other general common diseases in dogs.

Nice to know about the dog: The toy fox terrier originates from United States. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 13 to 14 years is within expectations. It can be hard to find Toy Fox Terrier puppies from a recognized breeder, you can take a look at online classifieds for the purchase and sale of puppies Other names for the breed is amertoy, american toy terrier.

Grouping of toy fox terrier: American Kennel Club places the breed in the group «toy dogs». United Kennel Club files the breed in the category «terrier». Also recognized by the Canadian Kennel as «toy dogs».

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