Srpski Trobojni Gonic dog breed

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Srpski Trobojni Gonic are hunting hounds. They are scent hounds that can be used for both tracking and hunting. has a sense of smell that surpasses many other breeds.

Good to know about the dog breed: The srpski trobojni gonic originates from Serbia. Srpski Trobojni Gonic puppies can be purchased online, but the selection of puppies is not always the best. Srpski Trobojni Gonics aliases include serbian tricolour hound.

Srpski Trobojni Gonic group: United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «scenthound». Srpski Trobojni Gonic has been catalogued with Fédération Cynologique Internationale and their list of dog breeds as #229 in section «Scenthounds» (6.1) in the group «scenthounds and related breeds» (registered 2002-11-26).

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