Schipperke: Stubborn devil, lovely breed!

Schipperke: Stubborn devil, lovely breed!

I own two schipperkes, and they are both little devils in their own way.

They are known for their stubborness. While they can be quite mischievous, and headstrong temperament, they are still one of the most amazing breeds ever created by man i my opinion.

Don't let them off leash when taking walks in the park or in the woods; They will chase small animals, and are very good at it.

The "little black fox", or the "Tasmanian black devil", are extremely curious, so you will encounter funny (and sometimes not so funny) events on a daily basis with these dogs. I know I do!

As high-energy dogs they do require a lot of exercise, but it's still managable for a normally active person (you don't need five hour mountain trips every other day, but I'm sure they would love it).

These are the Einsteins of the dog-world:

Schipperkes are incredibly smart. In fact, these dogs rather help you with your homework than eat it. Yes, they are smart indeed.

Some say it's not a proper dog for a first-time dog owner. I say bullshit! This dog is perfect for anyone, as long as you are willing to spend a lot of time with it, and if you consider your dog a family member, and not just regard it as "the four-legged animal in the backyard".

Unfortunately they can be aggressive with other dogs, but early socializing can prevent this from becoming a problem. Mine two dogs get a long well with everyone, so I think it's a myth that they are not dog friendly.

The best thing about schipperkes? Well, it's their personality of course. For me it is this breed or no dog at all. I love them!

– Johan, 26.09.2014

Schipperke Dog Breed


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