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Sarplaninac are shepherd dogs. They often do a good job of guardian of a herd.

Some dogs may be reserved above strangers, but it may be rather large variations between different dogs too. Although aggression toward other dogs is not characteristic of the breed, such individual characteristics occur.

Sarplaninac anatomy: A sarplaninac is a one of the larger breeds, and eye-catching appearance.

More about sarplaninac: The sarplaninac originates from Serbia. It can be hard to find Sarplaninac puppies from a recognized breeder, you can take a look at online classifieds for the purchase and sale of puppies Sarplaninacs aliases include jugoslovenski ovcarski pas, yugoslavian shepherd dog, sharplanina, illyrian shepherd dog.

Grouping: United Kennel Club files the breed dog in the category «guardian dog». Sarplaninac has been catalogued with International Federation of Kennel Clubs and their list of dog breeds as #41 in section «molossoid dogs» (2.2) in the group «pinscher and schnauzer, molossoid dogs, swiss mountain and cattle breeds» (registered 1970-11-24).

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Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac Sarplaninac
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