RE- Greysters - Why?

RE- Greysters - Why?

The greyster is a purpose bred sled dog developed in the 80's in Norway for sprint and mid distance mushing/ Dryland racing. The greyster is now the choice of most top level racing teams in the world although they are most popular within Europe. The reason the breeds were combined was to produce a much faster and more powerful sled dog. In mono sports in particular the Greyster is the King of all sled dogs for speed, however they don't have the stamina of the Eurohound or the Alaskan Husky hence why you won't see them competing in long distance and not really seen racing in Mid distance either. The greyster in the photo isn't "quite underweight" they are a working dog and are lean with well defined muscle definition. As they are big dog's you don't want them overweight or excessively heavy as this will put enormous pressure on their bones and joints. Look at Mo Farrah one of the fastest male sprinters in the world and look how skinny he is.....

– Houndy16, 29.04.2016

Greyster Dog Breed


Read more about the Greyster the bastard here.

Greyster pics

See nice Greyster pics here.

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