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This breed are characterized by high intelligence compared to many other dog breeds. Mental exercise should therefore be included in the daily activities.

The dog breed is a hypoallergenic dog breed. Hypoallergenic dogs will not provide as strong reactions in allergy sufferers, but there is controversy over whether dogs can actually be hypoallergenic at all. Pomeranians sheds, and caring and grooming of the coat should be done regularly. Although frequent grooming is not strictly necessary, it contributes to the dog's overall well-being and prosperity.

The pomeranian dog should be a pleasure to to train , but individual differences in the dog breed is expected. Pomeranian is a focused dog breed, and responds well to dressage. Although there are breeds that are characterized as even more energetic, this is still a breed that requires his daily walks. The dog breed appreciate physical activity, but are not as demanding as many other breeds.

Some dogs can be a bit reserved and skeptical strangers, but there exists considerable variation within the breed. Aggression between dogs vary more between individuals than between various dog breeds, but the tendency for dog aggression is perhaps somewhat higher in pomeranian. The breed is considered child friendly but generalization here can be adversely. No dogs should never leave small children alone with dogs, regardless of breed or size. Children-friendly dogs may be a myth more than anything else, all dogs are different! Its temper bear little resemblance to the grey wolf, the animal all dogs originated from. Certain breeds tend to play bite, but pomeranian is not known for this.

The pomeranian can be a bit uncomfortable in warmer climates. This is a robust dog that can tolerate cold and low temperatures nice and thrive winter and summer. They do have a tendency to stay close to their owners, and a pomeranian should display little or no lust to run away. It has been mentioned that being home alone can be difficult with this breed, but can also be more individually contingent than breed dependent. The breed may well stay in the apartment in the city.

Pomeranian physical features: A pomeranian is a small dog breed, longhaired, with a light body shape, small standing ears, short curled tail, relatively short muzzle, and in all a nice dog looking at.

Health: The health problems for pomeranians varies and does not only depend on the breed. They are Skin problems, tooth problems, gum disease, heart disease, slipped stifle, hypothyroidism, eye problems, different illnesses in canines and other disorders and diseases in dogs.

Extra info about pomeranian: The pomeranian were first bred in Germany. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 12 to 15 years is normal. The price of a pomeranian puppy varies, but if it is a good pedigree dog, the price can be as much as 1900, in some cases even more. The dog breed is highly popular and easy to find in classified ads and even in animal shops. Pomeranians were initially bred for royal companionship. The dog breed are also being called zwergspitz, dwarf spitz, loulou, pom.

Classification: American Kennel Club places the dog breed in the group «toy dogs». United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «Companion dog». Pomeranian have been approved by FCI and their dog breed list as #97 in section «european spitz» (5.4) in the group «spitz» (registered 1998-03-05). Also recognized by the Canadian Kennel as «toy dogs».

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Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian Pomeranian
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