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Pocket Beagle breed description

Pocket Beagle are used as service dogs in the police. The breed is used as bomb dogs or drug dogs in police.

This breed are characterized by high IQ compared to many other type of dogs. Mental exercise should therefore be included in the daily activities.

Pocket Beagles are often referred two as a dog for the more experienced, and some owners claim they can be extensive to train . A breed thrive in the woods, or on long air trips and is often a good companion.

Some dogs can be a bit reserved and skeptical strangers, but there exists considerable variation within the breed. They are usually friendly with other dogs. As distant descendants of the wolf this breed still have some strong instincts. This breed tends to chew on whatever it comes across at puppyhood, and if this occurs, one should address the problem as early as possible.

Some have argued that this breed bark more than other breeds, but this will probably also much depends on the dog. The breed is not suited to extreme cold, but can still be kept in colder regions if they wear extra clothing on cold days. Like fun and games? It also makes these dogs! Some pocket beagle are known to run away from their owners as soon as they get the opportunity. The breed may well stay in the apartment in the city.

Pocket beagle appearance: A pocket beagle is a small breed, short coat, with an average physique, very large hanging ears, comparatively short legs, and many would probably mention the good looks as well.

Health: The health problems for pocket beagles varies and also depends on the breeder. Some known health problems are hypothyroidism, otherwise common disorders and other health problems in dogs.

More about pocket beagle: The pocket beagle originates from United Kingdom. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 12 to 15 years is normal. Charcoal varies from 2 to 14 puppies. Pocket Beagle puppies can be purchased online, but the selection of puppies is not always the best. The breed are also being called queen elizabeth pocket beagle.

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