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German Spitz descriptions

The german spitz comes across as a very intelligent dog breed. The dog thrives best when doing tasks that involve mental challenges.

German Spitzs sheds, but less than many other breeds. Easy grooming of the coat is one of several advantages of this breed.

The breed dog demands some physical activity, although there are other breeds that require more ventilation of their owners.

Some dogs may be reserved above people outside the family, but it may be very large variations between different dogs too. The breed dog referred to as child-friendly, but remember: Small children and dogs should never be left alone together! There is no such thing as a children-friendly dog, adult supervision is always recommended.

Whlie it is possible to keep these dogs in an apartment, it is not the ideal for this breed.

The dog's appearance: A german spitz is a charming race medium-length coat, and general good looks.

Other info about the dog: The german spitz is originally from Germany. German Spitz puppies can be purchased online, but the selection of puppies is not always the best. German Spitzs were initially bred for farm work and companionship. German Spitzs are also called wolfsspitz (keeshond), grossspitz (giant spitz), mittelspitz (medoum size spitz), kleinspitz (miniature spitz), zwergspitz (pomeranian).

Classification: United Kennel Club files the breed dog in the category «northern breed». German Spitz is even included in Fédération Cynologique Internationale and their directory as #97 in section «european spitz» (5.4) in the group «spitz» (registered 1998-03-05).

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