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German Pinschers are popular working dogs and is used as a guard dog. They are the market's best burglar alarm!

The german pinscher comes across as a rather wise type of dog. The dog thrives best when doing tasks that involve mental challenges.

German Pinschers sheds, but less than many other breeds. Easy grooming of the coat is one of several advantages of this breed.

German Pinschers respond well to obedience training, which is why they are descirbed as a type of dog which is easy to deal with (albeit all dogs are different). The dog breed are often focused in what it is doing, and easy to deal with. A type of dog thrive in the woods, or on long air trips and is often a good companion. The dog breed have a great need for exercise, it will be best if the person responsible for the dog are active as well.

Some dogs may be reserved above strangers, but it may be rather large variations between different dogs too. Aggression between dogs vary more between individuals than between various dog breeds, but the tendency for dog aggression is perhaps somewhat higher in german pinscher. As distant descendants of the wolf this breed still have some strong instincts. Puppies tend to play-bite, and this can increase lung adulthood if one ignores the problem.

Like fun and games? It also makes these dogs! The german pinscher are know for their wanderlust and should be kept in a leash.

The dog's anatomy: A german pinscher is a race that turns heads short coat, and without doubt a beautiful dog.

Diseases and disorders: The health for german pinschers differs individually and also depends on the breeder. Health problems may include hypothyroidism, common canine disorders and other health problems in dogs.

More about the dog: The german pinscher originates from Germany. The dog breed is a comparatively very popular and there is still someone who advertises puppies for sale. German Pinschers were initially bred for hunting vermin, and as a farm dog, guard and drove livestock, watchdog. German Pinschers aliases include deutscher pinscher.

Classification: American Kennel Club places the dog breed in the group «working dogs». United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «terrier». German Pinscher has been catalogued with International Federation of Kennel Clubs and their list of dog breeds as #184 in section «pinscher and schnauzer breeds» (2.1) in the group «pinscher and schnauzer, molossoid dogs, swiss mountain and cattle breeds» (registered 2007-03-06). Also recognized by the Canadian Kennel as «non-sporting dogs».

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German Pinscher German Pinscher German Pinscher
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