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The greyster is a hybrid breed between german shorthaired pointer and a greyhound. an alaskanhound is a hybrid breed between gsp and husky. an eurohound is hybrid between gsp greyhound husky ...
– didier, 22.04.2017


Dear Sir or Madam, DOG' GARMENTS AND ACCESSORIES. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer cum exporter of Dog jackets, Racing Jackets, waterproof Jackets, Hoodies,Carrying Bags and many things...
– AJMAL CHOHAN, 01.08.2016

RE- Greysters - Why?

The greyster is a purpose bred sled dog developed in the 80's in Norway for sprint and mid distance mushing/ Dryland racing. The greyster is now the choice of most top level racing teams in the world although they are most popular within Europe...
– Houndy16, 29.04.2016


They are funny, energetic, and love to play. They are very smart and join you with everyday human stuff.They don't tire out easily so they would not do well in a small apartment.But it would be worthy having one if you had the space and time.
– Guest, 27.10.2015

Some Information about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The pembroke welsh corgi is... A very lovable breed, The corgi I have at home is a very smart cookie...
– Pembroke Corgi, 07.10.2015

Some Information about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The pembroke welsh corgi is... A very lovable breed, The corgi I have at home is a very smart cookie...
– Pembroke Corgi, 07.10.2015

best dog ever!

The rustralian terrier is... This dog is the best behaved, most loyal, quiet dog and wonderful companion. He listens, understands and tries to please. He loves to sleep, take a bath, play, be in the car, go visiting friends and family. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He loves to chase rabbits and squirrels, but can't ever catch them. I love this dog.... this breed is great!
– Nancy Roe, 02.10.2015

Alangu Mastiff

The alangu mastiff originates from India. Alangu Mastiff puppies are not a common sight in local classifieds in newspapers, but you can still find a breeder online. Other names for this dog breed is alangu, indian alangu mastiff, indian mastiff, sindh mastiff.
– Mastiff, 03.09.2015

Greysters - why?

This greyster looks quite under weight... Why greysters? Are there other physical attributes that they pick up in the breeding from huskies that make them more adaptable to these conditions? I love my greyster..but he was rescued from inhumane sled race teams. More a family animal then anything else.
– Guest, 30.12.2014

Catalan Sheepdog Gos d'Atura

Legend has it that Charlemagne (Charles the great, King of the Franks, reigning from 771 to 814 AD) was accompanied everywhere he went by his two large, long haired, black dogs ( very much in looks like a Briard ). Tapestries from the 8th and 12th century show him with these dogs and legend suggests that as Charlemagne moved southwards his two dogs mated with the local gals...
– Angie Fieldsend, 29.10.2014

Schipperke: Stubborn devil, lovely breed!

I own two schipperkes, and they are both little devils in their own way. They are known for their stubborness...
– Johan, 26.09.2014

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