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Here is a list of the different dog breeds that can be used as hunting dogs. If you are a hunter looking for a hunting dog or bird dog should be able to find a good candidate here.


Setter Dog Breeds is primarily known for its excellent properties as bird hunting dogs. They will then suggest above hunter where prey can be located, and then brings the prey back to the hunter. Setters are a group of dog breed that still to this day have hunting as the primary application, and they are excellent for this purpose.


Retrievers is Sporting-Gundog Group. They bring prey back to the hunter after it has been shot. In addition to use as a hunting dog, has retrivere a whole host of other user tasks. They work today as well as guide dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, recreation dogs and especially family dogs and companion dogs.


Pointers are excellent bird dogs, and used as a hunting dog all over the world. There are also many sled dogs mixtures between Pointers and other breeds. Their excellent properties as a hunting dog has done that they still bred with respect to these properties. The name pointer comes from the dog pointing in the direction where the prey is. The hunter will wait for the dog signaling the location of the prey. Then he or she will chase the prey on their own or ask the dog about to sound, then firing shots at prey. Of course this is just an example of hunting technique pointer, all have their different techniques here. Pointers in USA and the UK are primarily used as a hunting small game.

Hunting terriers

While some terriers are used as companion dogs or guard dogs, there are also some terriers that are mainly used for hunting purposes. A hunting terrier used to hunt small animals, including rabbits, foxes and rats.

Spaniel hunting dogs

Spaniel is a group of dog breeds which is used for hunting. They eventually received other user tasks ranging from agility recreation dogs. A hunter usually use spaniel to locate prey, and to possibly assist the hunter to fetch and carry prey.

Sighthounds and greyhounds

Greyhounds used today much as companion dogs, but can also serve as excellent hunting dogs to their use. Has been traditionally used for hunting small game, hunting and shape has been the character of the dogs have been responsible to trap prey. Some larger greyhound breeds has also also been used to hunt in a pack of wolves, foxes and other predators that move into the owner's territory. A greyhound has better vision and is faster than many other dog breeds.

Scent hounds & Tracking dogs

Scent hounds and tracking dogs are distinguished by its enormous good sense of smell. As a hunting dog used it to track prey, but they have gradually gotten many other user tasks.


Feist is an American group of hunting dogs, and is a type bit smaller dogs. They are used for hunting squirrels and other small game. Typical usage is to use Feist to hunt in packs and use anything from 3 to 20 dogs in the pack on this type of hunting. If there are fewer dogs in the pack, they are often used to signal prey localization by setting up the tree where prey is located.


Curs are hunting dogs and a large dog breed category. This is a collective term for a group of American dogs in many areas have the same characteristics as terriers, but with the difference that they can hunt much larger prey. A cur should be able to be looking at everything from cougars to bears and badgers.

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