FCI grouping of breeds

Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). is a peak body for several national kennel clubs.

Shepherd dogs and herding dogs

In this group there are sheepdogs, sheepdogs and cattle dogs, many dog breeds can also be used for several other purposes. The category mostly contain breeds that were mainly bred for herding purposes, but today these dogs do a whole lot of other work as well.

Pinscher Schnauzer, and Molossoid dogs

Here are typical guard dogs and guard dogs, and dogs that are difficult to place in another FCI group.


Terriers is a group of dogs that have a distinctive anatomy and dominant behavior towards other dogs. Most terriers were bred as hunting dogs and several terrier breeds as well as fighting dogs.


Dachshunds are hunting dogs. Dog Breeds in this group is excellent to track wildlife.

Spitz and Northern Dog Breeds

Spitz, a group of dog breeds of varying sizes that can be characterized by the relatively broad skull, pointed muzzle, upright, pointed ears, and the wedge-shaped head.

Scent hounds and tracking dogs

In this group are many excellent hunting dogs. They do not have as much contact with the hunter during the hunt as other hunting dogs.


Gun dogs and pointing dogs have an instinctive behavior that allows it to behave in a very specific way when it detects a switch: When taking the stand and freeze their position in the direction where the prey is.


In this group are water dogs, spaniel dogs and retrivere. Sporting-Gundog can either help only with the retrieval of prey, or both to locate the switch and then retrieve it.

Companion Dogs

Companion Dogs do not have much in common besides that they primarily are dog breeds that are not used for the task they were originally bred for, or breed was deliberately bred to be companion dogs.


Sighthounds was first bred for guard dogs and / or hunting dogs. Today they are used as companion dogs, and in some cases such as racing dogs.

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