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Buying a dog - Tips for puppy buyers

Where do you buy a dog?

As you probably already know, you can find dogs for sale in the classifieds section for dogs in your local newspapers or at your social online communities. You should also try sites such as Craigslist (no pets on eBay though).

Do NOT buy a dog from the pet store. You'll end up with a puppymill dog and no good thing can come of it. Instead of buying from the pet store, get a shelter dog for free, or if you want a purebred puppy dog aim for serious breeders.

Popular breeds or rare dog breeds? Some dog breeds are easier to obtain than others. We can well distinguish between popular dog breeds that are usually easy to buy, and less often breeds it might be difficult to obtain. The popular breed dogs are still many buyers who want too, and thus one must perhaps allow some delay before you can buy the breed you want.

Find a dog breed that fits you well

One of the first thing you think of when choosing dog is: Which breed should I choose? Or should it be a mixed breed? Should there be a large dog, small dog, or something in between? What do the others in the family? Should it be a hunting dog, sledge dog, herding dog? Maybe a guard dog or police dog? A companion, or just a pet, a companion dog? There are many thoughts, and the number of breeds are so many that it can be difficult at all make a choice. Therefore we have created a dog breed selsctor that should help you with this initial selection process.

Find out which dog breed that suits you using our dog breed selector. You can filter the breeds for a number of criteria, such such as size, usage, behavior and more. Try it and find some breeds that might fit just for you!

Dog breeds vary in size, appearance and everything else. In general, any type of dog breed is very different from each other. It seems maybe the best in size and appearance, but know that it is equally great variation in terms of temperament, manners, usages, how easy they are difficult to train, and more. Therefore, it is important that you spend a lot of time learning about the different dog breeds. On you can do just that, and breed selector mentioned above may The best place to start. Or you can use the menu on the left and browse through the lists contained therein, or simply browse through all the dog breeds that exist. It takes some time, but there will also be a fun job when you first begin the search for what will be the perfect breed for you.

Is the breeder serious or a sneaky bastard?

How to know that the breeder is serious? Unfortunately it that some driver Breeding dogs because of money, and they make good business outright assembly line production of puppies. The dogs are treated like factories, and serve breeder's wallet. Most breeders are honest enough and take good care of their dogs, but yourself, not everyone has the best of intentions have the best qualifications. Dog Breeding is not for anyone, but never buy dogs from some prior you know the breeder breeds in an ethical and responsible manner. Even breeders who have the best intentions, can make many serious mistakes which ultimately affects the buyer!

A trap many walk in to is to buy purebreds from disreputable breeders. The best advice might To contact the kennel club for the breed in question, and you will be able to get information about serious breeders or warnings against the frivolous. Even kennel clubs possess all the information, so you may need to implement their own investigation to be absolutely sure: Talk to others who have purchased dogs from the same breeder before. You should also try to get to know the breeder before buying dog from him / her, and thus make your own assessment of the persons responsible for the breeding program at the kennel. Ask for proof of pedigree from parents and grandparents happy puppy.

Request veterinary certificate and purchase agreement You always get the veterinary certificate the puppy purchase. This should be quite fresh, and not older than 1 week old! It should have no matter if it is a breed or a mix puppy. In addition, you should make a purchase agreement , or ask the respective kennel club for a purchase certificate document that you and the seller can fill out together. If the puppy is already registered at the breeds kennel club (or your national kennel club depending on where you live), all of the paperwork should be done when you pay your fee for registration. A serious breeder knows that rule to these rules and you should be able to help you with this.

The first priority for a good breeder is always the quality of life for dogs, puppies and breed in its entirety. Do you suspect that this is low priority, so you can just steer away immediately. Is the breeder informed about the breed and exhibit great knowledge about the breed itself and about dogs in general? It is a good sign. Nevertheless, one should also remember that you who may not have a thorough knowledge about the breed could easily be fooled into thinking that the breeder is more knowledgeable than was actually the case. A dedicated breeder will monitor their buyers, and provide tips and keep in touch for several years after the dog has been delivered.

Being a carer for a breeding dog: If you are getting a puppy that will be placed on feed, and you're just helping out the breeder in exchange for having all expences covered, think about this: You should be extra alert. There are many villains who only thinks shop, and that intends to operate the kennel in line with what had to be the best of the breed or the dog's own terms. There are fortunately many serious breeders who put away the puppies at feeding. Again, here is the kennel club of the breed perhaps the best place to start in order to obtain good information. When you buy a puppy feeding, and this is a bitch, you should first be sure how many litters the breeder expect. Is there one litter or many coal? If your puppy will be used for exhibitions of breeder must also be clarified before you purchase the dog. Also inquire about the breeder intend to cover costs associated with exhibitions and other dog may be attending. ACC has a template to f˘rvertsavtale should fill out and sign even before the puppy is retrieved.

Puppies - which puppy should you choose?

You have found the right breed and a good oppdreter. Now you have also found a litter, and you are ready to buy - but not quite: There are several puppies, and you must find out which puppy to choose. It may be enough with a difficult choice.

Remember that you will have the best puppy, the one that best suits you. Some will go by gut feeling and choose the puppy that just "feels right". Others relate more effectively to Selection Process: Studying health surveys puppies, looking for defects, differences in temperament and more.

Are puppy scared or shy? Do not fall into the trap of buying a puppy you feel sorry for. A puppy should be with its mother until it is at least eight weeks old , do not buy a puppy that is younger than this! If the puppy has not been well socialized in the first weeks and months of his life, it can also cause problems for your dog. Here again there is a big difference between the serious and the frivolous farmers: Some allow puppies to be much to themselves, while the good breeders spend a lot of time visitation with the puppies every day. It was only fair that a breeder who does a good job here gets paid by the buyer, but do not let the price fool you: A junk breeder may want to set the price as high as the other puppies on the market of the same breed, and justify it with extra socialization and lots of interaction, which in reality in fact never took place.

You are welcome to visit the breeder long before buying a puppy. Some breeders advertise estimated coal, and one can get to know the breeder already in pregnancy. It gives a sense of security, and you can then schedule a visit already the first few weeks of a puppy's life. This gives you the opportunity to study the mother, and you can evaluate her temperament and behavior. Is she safe, welcoming, or unfriendly, nervous and aggressive? Well cared or not? Well trained, or in poor health and overweight? If the mother shows unwanted behavior, you should not buy puppies from her litter - much of this hereditary traits, and although it should not be inherited puppy can emulate the behavior by observing her mother in the first few weeks of life.

Buying a mixed dog or a purebred dog?

Buying a mixed dog, a hybrid or a bastard if you will, is a bit like playing the lottery, even though the odds might be a bit better. A mix dog can be just as nice to look at as a breed, but with mixed dogs do you still never what you get: The problem is that when you cross breeds, so you can get a coktail of undesirable characteristics: some breeds have a natural guarding instinct and a little skeptical to strangers, while others may be straight dichotomy. This may result in the mix puppy is a confused individual with exceptional mental challenges where instincts comes completely out of control. This is also why mix dogs are sold much cheaper than breed dogs - you get what you pay for, or rather: If you buy a mixed breed you know not at all what you pay for. A purebred dog gives you the best safety and you have much better position to know what kind of dog you actually acquire you.

Remember that breed dogs were developed to perform various tasks and not just to have a different look. They have an inner need to apply their inherent properties, and if mix dog hereditary traits that do not go so well together, Income statement be that you get a dog that poses great challenges for even the most experienced dog owner.

10 things to think about before buying a puppy

It's like you now probably understand, a lot to think about before you acquire a puppy - and so it should be. A dog should not be buying on impulse. It is a commitment that will take a lot of time, a large responsibility, and this obligation must persist for perhaps 10 to 15 years, or in some cases even longer than that.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself and any other family members before purchasing a dog:

  1. Do you have time? Really? Absolutely sure? Many people underestimate how much time it takes to have a dog. Do you have enough time?
  2. What will it cost to have a dog? Do you have enough money to vet and dog food? It may cost a bit to have a dog. Can you afford to cover all the expenses?
  3. Why do you / we have a dog?
  4. How much space do you have and is it enough for both you and your dog?
  5. Where (in the country, and from whom) will the dog be purchased?
  6. Have you / your experience with dogs before?
  7. Do you have other pets? (find a breed that may be suitable along with other animals.
  8. Allergies; is there anyone in the family who is allergic?
  9. Vacation; Should you have with your dog, or the dog has a place to be if you are traveling?
  10. Which breed is right for me? Choose not breed primarily from the appearance, but look at the "whole package". Again, we recommend that you learn a lot about many different breeds in question, and start out by searching for dog breeds with our dog breed selector.

Think carefully before you acquire dog Too many people buy a dog on impulse: The proof can be found around the different dog home for abandoned dogs and the large number of ads relocate dogs. Before you purchase your dog for the first time, you should make an effort to know what you are going for. And even if you have had dogs before, you may things are not the same this time: You can take a new living situation, selecting a different breed than what you had last time you had a dog. What may seem like minor details, may eventually prove to constitute a fabric unlike the last time you had a dog.

Finally, it must also be said that having one (or more) dog (s) in their life can offer lots of joy and fun. We wish you continued success by taking the decision on keeping dogs, purchase dog and not least the choice of which breed to go for.

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