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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a wolf-dog hybrid. In other words, it's a cross between wolves and dogs. Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are popular working dogs and can do a great job as a guard dog. They are the market's best burglar alarm!

Some dogs may be reserved above non-family members, but it may be quite large variations between different dogs too. Although aggression toward other dogs is not characteristic of the breed, such individual characteristics occur.

This hardy winter dog can handle low temperatures without any problem.

The dog's appearance: A czechoslovakian wolfdog ,with the wolf-like appearance, is a midsize type of dog, medium-length coat, with an average physique, midsized standing ears, comparatively long legs, hanging tail, and in short a great breed.

Health: The health problems for czechoslovakian wolfdogs varies and also depends on the breeder. Well-known health problems includes - but is not limited to otherwise common disorders and other health problems in dogs.

Information about the dog: The czechoslovakian wolfdog originates from Czech Republic. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 12 to 16 years is within the norm. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppies can be purchased online, but the selection of puppies is not always the best. Other names for the dog breed is ceskoslovenský vlcak, slovak wolfdog, czech wolfdog, ceskoslovensky vlcak.

Classification: United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «herding dog». Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is included in Fédération Cynologique Internationale database of dog breeds as #332 in section «sheepdogs» (1.1) in the group «cattle- and sheep dogs» (registered 1999-09-03).

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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
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