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Cardigan Welsh Corgi descriptions

Cardigan Welsh Corgi are shepherd dogs. While shepherd dogs are primarily intended to protect the herd, the primary task is to control a sheepdog to herd the commando of the shepherd.

Some dogs may be reserved above strangers, but it may be very large variations between different dogs too. They are usually friendly with other dogs.

The breed may well stay in the apartment in the city.

Cardigan welsh corgi physical features: A cardigan welsh corgi is a small dog breed, medium-length coat, with an average body shape, extra large standing ears, short hanging tail, and perhaps one of the most beautiful breeds in the world.

Health: The health for cardigan welsh corgis varies and varies between individuals. Some known health problems are hip dysplasia, PRA, eye problems, different illnesses in canines and other general common diseases in dogs.

Other facts about cardigan welsh corgi: The cardigan welsh corgi originates from Wales. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 12 to 15 years is normal. The breed dog is a relatively very popular and there is still someone who advertises puppies for sale. Cardigan Welsh Corgis were initially bred for herding and driving livestock by nipping at their heels. The dog breed are also being called welsh corgi.

Grouping of cardigan welsh corgi: American Kennel Club places the breed dog in the group «herding dogs».

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cardigan Welsh Corgi
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