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Bulldogs are versatile working dogs and is an excellent as a guard dog. It is therefore as guardian of the home or property.

Bulldogs sheds, but less than many other breeds. Easy care of the coat is one of several advantages of this breed.

The bulldog dog should be a pleasure to to exercise with, but individual differences in the dog breed is expected. Plus, if we compare to other breeds, this is a relatively quiet breed that requires long walks every day. The dog breed demands some training, although there are other breeds that require more ventilation of their owners.

Aggression between dogs vary more between individuals than between various dog breeds, but the tendency for dog aggression is perhaps somewhat higher in bulldog. The dog breed referred to as child-friendly, but remember: No dogs should never leave small children alone with dogs, regardless of breed or size. Children-friendly dogs may be a myth more than anything else, all dogs are different! As distant descendants of the wolf this breed still have some strong instincts. Puppies tend to bite and nip, and this can increase lung adulthood if one ignores the problem.

Bulldogs are very well suited to the climate in slightly cooler regions, but is not as well suited to warmer climates. The breed is not suited to extreme cold, but can still be kept in colder regions if they wear extra clothing on cold days. They do have a tendency to stay close to their owners, and a bulldog should display little or no lust to run away. There are not any problems associated with having these dogs in an apartment.

The dog breed's physical features: A bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed, short coat, with a muscular body shape, hanging ears, relatively short legs, extremely short muzzle, and a cheerful expression.

Health: The health problems for bulldogs varies and can vary between individuals. They are Skin problems, eyelid problems, heatstroke, respiratory difficulties, heart disease, hypothyroidism, different illnesses in canines and other diseases and health problems.

Other info about the dog breed: The bulldog comes from England. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 7 to 9 years is normal. The number of puppies in the litter varies from 4 to 5 puppies. The price of a bulldog puppy varies, but they have been sold for as much as 3500 dollars. The dog breed is popular and easy to find in classified ads and even in animal shops. Bulldogs were initially bred for bull-baiting. The dog breed are also being called english bulldog, british bulldog.

Classification: American Kennel Club places the dog breed in the group «non-sporting breeds». United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «Companion dog». Bulldog has been included in FCI in their dog breed database as #149 in section «molossoid dogs» (2.2) in the group «pinscher and schnauzer, molossoid dogs, swiss mountain and cattle breeds» (registered 2004-03-24). Also recognized by the Canadian Kennel as «non-sporting dogs».

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