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Belgian Shepherd Dog are shepherd dogs. They have a strong herding instinct, which makes it perfect for herding sheep. Belgian Shepherd Dogs are versatile working dogs and can be used as a guard dog. It is therefore as guardian of the home or property.

The belgian shepherd dog is often portrayed as some of the most smart breeds. Mental stimulation is important.

Belgian Shepherd Dogs sheds, but less than many other breeds. Daily care of the coat contributes to the dog's well-being.

Belgian Shepherd Dog responds well at obedience training, and are often very easy to exercise with. Certainly, there is considerable variation between individual dogs, and more so than than the variation between one dog breed to the other. Belgian Shepherd Dogs can be focused and often excellent in dog training. Energy and energy is synonymous with this dog breed , and they will always be with you for a walk in fresh air. The dog breed have a great need for physical activity, it will be best if the person responsible for the dog are active as well.

Some dogs may be reserved above guests, but it may be very large variations between different dogs too. Although aggression toward other dogs is not characteristic of the breed, such individual characteristics occur. The dog breed is considered as one of the more kid-friendly dog breeds, but do not forget: Small children and dogs should never be left alone together! There is no such thing as a children-friendly dog, adult supervision is always recommended. As distant descendants of the wolf this dog breed still have some strong instincts. Puppies tend to bite and nip, and this can increase lung adulthood if one ignores the problem.

Some have argued that this dog breed bark more than other breeds, but this will probably also much depends on the dog. This is a robust dog that can tolerate cold and low temperatures nice and thrive winter and summer. If you are looking for breeds that enjoys fun activities and games, you can add this one to your list.

The breed's appearance: A belgian shepherd dog is a midsize dog breed, longhaired, with an athletic physique, and a rectangular shape, midsized standing ears, comparatively long legs, hanging tail, long muzzle, and in short a great breed.

Health: The health problems for belgian shepherd dogs differs from dog to dog and does not only depend on the breed. Potential health problems are epilepsy, hypothyroidism, eye problems, otherwise common disorders and other disorders and diseases in dogs.

Basic info about the dog breed: The belgian shepherd dog comes from Belgium. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 13 to 14 years is expected. The number of puppies in the litter varies from 6 to 10 puppies. The dog breed is a comparatively popular and there is still someone who advertises puppies for sale. Belgian Shepherd Dogs were initially bred for herding sheep. This dog breed have other names as well: groenendael, belgian sheepdog, belgian shepherd groenendael, belgian shepherd dog, chien de berger belge.

Classification: American Kennel Club places the dog breed in the group «herding dogs». United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «herding dog». Belgian Shepherd Dog has been included in Fédération Cynologique Internationale in their dog breed database as #15 in section «sheepdogs» (1.1) in the group «cattle- and sheep dogs» (registered 2001-03-13). Also recognized by the Canadian Kennel as «herding dogs».

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Belgian Shepherd Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog
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