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The barbet comes across as a fairly wise dog breed. The dog thrives best when doing tasks that involve mental challenges.

Many dogs sheds a lot, but this is not something that can be claimed onbarbet. Although frequent care of the coat is not strictly necessary, it contributes to the dog's overall well-being and prosperity.

Barbets respond well to obedience training, which is why they are descirbed as a dog breed which is easy to deal with (albeit all dogs are different). The dog breed are often focused in what it is doing, and easy to deal with. A dog breed thrive in the woods, or on long air trips and is often a good companion. The dog breed demands some exercise, although there are other breeds that require more ventilation of their owners.

The dog breed is considered as one of the more kid-friendly dog breeds, but do not forget: However, you should never leave small children alone with dogs. Many dogs are good with children, but differences within the breed is also quite large. Although this dog breed can be gentle, one should never forget that they are animals after all. Puppies tend to chew on whatever it comes across, and this can increase lung adulthood if one ignores the problem.

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The breed's anatomy: A barbet is a medium-sized dog breed, medium-length coat, with an average body , fairly large hanging ears, comparatively long legs, short hanging tail, comparatively short muzzle, and many would probably mention the good looks as well.

Diseases: The health problems for barbets is not specific to the breed and also depends on the breeder. Some known health problems can include hypothyroidism, common canine disorders and other health problems in dogs.

Good to know about the dog breed: The barbet originates from France. Life span will vary, but anything from 13 to 15 years is normal. The number of puppies in the litter varies from 6 to 9 puppies. Barbet puppies can be purchased online, but the selection of puppies is not always the best. Barbets were initially bred for water retrieving, assist hunters, fetch fallen arrows, herd sheep, and drive flocks. Other names for the the dog breed french water dog.

Classification: United Kennel Club files the dog breed in the category «gun dog». Barbet is included in International Federation of Kennel Clubs database of dog breeds as #105 in section «water dogs» (8.3) in the group «retrievers, flushing dogs, water dogs» (registered 2006-02-21). Also recognized by the Canadian Kennel as «sporting dogs».

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