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American Tundra Shepherd Dog is a wolfdog. Admittedly, the term hybrid is not entirely correct, since it involves cross between two species (wolves and dogs are the same species, where dogs are a subspecies of the wolf)

The american tundra shepherd dog is often portrayed as one of the most clever dog breeds. Mental stimulation is important.

American Tundra Shepherd Dogs are often referred two as a dog for the more experienced, and some owners claim they can be difficult to train . American Tundra Shepherd Dog is a alert breed, and responds well to 0. A breed thrive in the woods, or on long air trips and is often a good companion. The dog breed have a great need for physical exercise, it will be best if the person responsible for the dog are active as well.

Some would argue that barks less than other breeds, albeit some owners may find this to be a bogus claim. The dogs do very well howl. Most dogs do bark sometimes, this goes for american tundra shepherd dog as well, although other breeds are much more eager in their barking and howling. This is a robust dog that can tolerate cold and low temperatures nice and thrive winter and summer. The american tundra shepherd dog are know for their wanderlust and should be kept in a leash.

American tundra shepherd dog physical features: A american tundra shepherd dog ,with his little wolf-like creature, is a medium-sized breed, medium-length coat, with an average body shape, standing ears, short hanging tail, and some would add: The world's cutest dog breed.

Disorders: The health problems for american tundra shepherd dogs depends on the dog's lines and breeding and depends on more than the race itself. They include hypothyroidism, different illnesses in canines and other dog ailments and illnesses.

More info about american tundra shepherd dog: The american tundra shepherd dog originates from United States. Life expectancy will vary, but anything from 12 to 14 years is normal. It can be hard to find American Tundra Shepherd Dog puppies from a recognized breeder, you can take a look at online classifieds for the purchase and sale of puppies The breed have other names as well, such as atsd.

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American Tundra Shepherd Dog American Tundra Shepherd Dog American Tundra Shepherd Dog
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