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Read about Rottweiler and see pictures and videos of this dog breed. We breed descriptions and information about breeders, kennel clubs for most dog breeds. In addition, you can view pictures and video of most dog breeds with us.

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Find breed dogs with the qualities that are important to you! Use our search engine to find hundreds of dogs and hybrid dogs (crosses between two or more dog breeds). When searching, you can use criteria such as appearance of the dog, temperament and other characteristics.

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Our list of dog breeds contains all known breeds in the world, with descriptions, photographs and video of most breeds. Plus, we got descriptions of over 5000 mixed dog breeds and designer dogs. You will also find kennel clubs and breeders for each breed.

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The greyster is a hybrid breed between german shorthaired pointer and a greyhound. an alaskanhound is a hybrid breed between gsp and husky.


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RE- Greysters - Why?

The greyster is a purpose bred sled dog developed in the 80's in Norway for sprint and mid distance mushing/ Dryland racing. The greyster is now the choice of most top level racing teams in the world although they are most popular within Europe.


They are funny, energetic, and love to play. They are very smart and join you with everyday human stuff.

Some Information about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The pembroke welsh corgi is... A very lovable breed, The corgi I have at home is a very smart cookie.

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Here are various facts about dogs and dog breeds:

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